All Star Levels Broken Down

All Star gyms have specific requirements for each level the cheerleaders can be on.

Most gyms have at least a few teams to start off, each a different level.  These levels can range in age from girls and guys six and younger to 18 years old.

Level one includes the most variety in age ranges.  The cheer divisions are tiny (six and younger), mini (eight and younger), youth (11 and younger), junior (14 and younger), and senior (10-18 years old).  It can have males and females and anywhere from five to 32 members.  Level one is usually where someone sees the cutest little girls running around on the mat.

Level two excludes the tiny division, but everything else is the same besides the skill level.  Level two stunts can go up to shoulder level and tumbling can include back handsprings.

Level three has youth, junior, senior, and senior co-ed.  Senior includes no guys and senior co-ed includes one or more guys.  Stunts can go above the head and they can do back tucks and other variations of tumbling including that.

Level four has an open category for anyone above the age of 17.  This level has harder variations of stunts and tumbling.

Level five has some big differences from the other levels.  All divisions besides senior co-ed small and medium can have up to 36 members on a team.  Junior has a co-ed division and all senior divisions are ages 12-18.  Senior co-ed divisions are broken up into small, medium and large.  Senior small co-ed has one to four guys and five to 20 members in all.  Senior medium co-ed has one to eight guys and five to 30 members.  Senior large co-ed one to 18 guys and five to 36 members.  They can throw fulls and crazy stunts to the hardest degree allowed in the rules.


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